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From The Principal

Principal - Mr Josh Jashari

Dear Parents and families,

Well, dare I say it, welcome back to 2021. We have had a very interesting start to the school year and I hope this will be the only disruption. As a community we rallied together last year and tackled the COVID lockdown with great support and admiration for our parents and school staff. We will tackle whatever lies ahead no differently. It is times like this that we realise that our prime concern is the health and wellbeing of our students and staff (we do understand that literacy and numeracy are at the forefront of our school, however we cannot achieve optimally in these areas unless we are all well and healthy). The health and wellbeing of all of those in our school community is of vital importance. I have worked in many schools over the years and I have found the staff at this school to be some of the most dedicated I have worked with. I have no doubt that whatever lies ahead our staff will be up to the challenge and that your child/ren will benefit greatly from being at Landsdale Primary School.

It looks like our school will commence with around 800 students as it does take a week or two for enrolments to settle and we receive notification of ex-students enrolling in other schools. We also have approximately 85 staff working on the school’s site with some fluctuation due to changing Special Needs Education Assistant numbers.

Welcome To Our New Staff

Last year we ran merit selection process for teaching positions which attracted over two hundred applications. This reflects the desirability of this school across the state. We would like to congratulate and welcome the following new staff members.

Monique Dickenson: Pre Primary Teacher
Nadine Duffy: Pre Primary Teacher
Jacqui Karaki: Pre Primary/Year 1 Teacher
Naoibh Boylan: Year 1 Teacher
Kate Fraser: Year 4 Teacher
Kate Sullivan: Year 4 Teacher
Linda Liebe: Year 4/5 Teacher
Chris Dombrowsky: Year 6 Teacher
Rachel O’Hara: Music Teacher

A huge welcome also to our new non- teaching staff members:

Zara Wrubel: Education Assistant
Melissa Morgan: School Psychologist
Michelle Rossi: School Chaplain

Parent Information Evenings

After some consideration of the current COVID regulations, and our expectations for a return to phase 4 next week, we plan to go ahead with face to face parent information sessions. In order to ensure that we do not overcrowd spaces only one parent for each student may attend. Meetings will be scheduled for weeks 3 and 4. Classroom teachers will make contact with you this week with their scheduled times and further details.

Term 1- Short Term

For those who are not aware this term will only be a very short term of 9 weeks due Easter falling outside of the regular school holidays. There is much planned and to do during this shortened term and having our delayed start to the year has not helped. Next term will be an eleven-week term.

School Review

As you may be aware our Whole School Review will be held on Thursday 11th March. We have been very busy preparing for this day. Most of the work was done before the end of the year last year, however some staff used their own time to do more work over the holidays. The Reviewers will be looking at the implementation of the school’s Business Plans during the 2018-2020 time period. We look forward to their visit.

Year 6 Day Camp

It’s an exciting first term for our Year 6 students. They have made a great start to the year in their classes and the playground, many taking on their leadership roles as Ministers and Student Council members for the first time and already showing how responsible they are. In Week 6 they have the opportunity to attend a 3-day ‘day camp’ experience between Monday 8th March to Wednesday 10th March.

Day 1 & 2 of camp will be held offsite at Swan Valley Adventure Centre, Middle Swan and will include archery, canoeing, commando courses, crate stacking, flying fox, team building (catapult build and fire), bush craft and cubby building. These will be high-quality activities and more time will be spent on each of these than would be the case in a live-in camp situation.

Day 3 of camp will be held onsite at Landsdale Primary School and will include a circus skills incursion, and will conclude with a quiz and pizza afternoon for the students.

Camp notes outlining final details and costings will come home with your child this week.


Given that we will continue into phase 4 COVID into the future swimming lessons for this year will go ahead. Please note that we do not have control of the timing of this as it is managed by ‘Interm Swimming’ at the Education Department. Schools place their preference and then hope for the best placement. As you can appreciate Term 1 and Term 4 are highly sought after by schools.

Our allocation for this year are as follows:

  • Term 2: Year 1-4 classes. Weeks 6-7 (24/05/2021 - 04/06/2021) Craigie Leisure Centre.
  • Term 4: Year 5-6 classes. Weeks 7-8 (22/10/2021 - 03/12/2021) Mullaloo Beach.

Waste Free Wednesday

Thank you to Miss Kelly who has offered to coordinate this very worthwhile program across the school. Miss Kelly is hoping to have the program recommence next week.


As we are likely to have COVID restrictions return to phase 4, we will need to continue (as per last year) with no sharing of food from home. If you would like to share something with your child's class to celebrate their birthday, we ask that you bring in a pre-wrapped purchased item to share with the students in your child's class. This will be shared at the end of the day. Examples include a small individually wrapped chocolate (e.g. Freddo Frog) or a small commercially sealed bag of popcorn etc. Cupcakes and cake cannot be brought in unless they have been commercially produced and sealed by the manufacturer. In previous years, we have also had ‘Harmony Day’ food stalls in Term one, we will need to postpone these this term. Thank you for your continued understanding and support during these challenging times.


We have had a number of parents ask when the old uniforms will become obsolete. My understanding is that it was over an 18-month timeframe from the middle of last year which would mean these garments would become obsolete at the end of this year. Having said this, we are happy to show some flexibility and to extend the timeframe until the middle of next year (end of Term 2 2022).

Holiday Damage

It was so disappointing to come to school during the end of the holidays and find significant damage being done around the school. The main damage was in the junior classrooms (LA6-LA9). All glass panels were broken and paint thrown around the wet area and poured into electrical appliances such as the fridge, oven, microwave. Student resources were broken and books severely damaged. This took workers three days to clean and repair. The police attended and have found fingerprints so we hope that these perpetrators will be caught.

This type of after hour activity has increased over the last six months and it seems we are seeing more and more vandalism occurring at the school, others include the cutting of the new trampoline mat (including structural damage), and shade sails near the staffroom. Graffiti and general property damage.

Whilst we have active community members who watch over the school and our Education Security personnel who monitor as best they can we can still improve the security of our school, especially late at night, weekends and during holiday periods. I have spoken to our School Board who have agreed to support the installation of security cameras on the outside of buildings which will help us monitor the school during these times. There are strict protocols around the installation which will be followed by the school and Education Department. Signage will be placed around the school as well alerting any visitor (wanted or unwanted) of the fact. I am sure that this will help with deterring these unwanted visitors as feedback from other schools suggest that this is the case.

COVID Safe Behaviours

Parents are allowed on the school sites and must wear a mask at all times. For this week, year 2-6 parents please do not enter classrooms. 1.5 metres between adults applies. Please adhere to good hand and respiratory hygiene practices. If your child is unwell please do not send them to school.