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From The Principal

Principal - Mr Josh Jashari

COVID- Restrictions

What a welcome relief not to have to wear our masks, let’s hope we can sustain this and not have to go back to a lock down or mask wearing. We are now back to basically ‘phase 4’ of the Health Departments guide with regards to the level of restrictions imposed on the community. This will mean that parents can come into the classroom (limits may apply) and parent meetings can proceed so long as there is social distancing of 1.5 meters. Most of the current restrictions are for events with over one thousand people and public transport travel which will have limited impact on our situation at school for the time being.

Workforce News

This term we have advertised for two teaching positions. These will follow a merit selection process. One is for a Physical Education Specialist (full time) and the other is for a EAL/D Specialist (part time). We have increased our current EAL/D Specialist time to help support the large number of students with non-English speaking backgrounds at the school who are eligible. The extra support will be in place for six months initially.


Along with students across Australia our NAPLAN testing commenced this week. Testing will continue until Friday with some ‘catch up’ sessions scheduled for next week. Our students are undertaking this on-line except for Year 3 Writing which will be a pen and paper version. Students seemed very settled and very focussed on my observation of classes during the tests.

NAPLAN results can assist teachers by providing additional information to support their professional judgement about students’ levels of literacy and numeracy attainment and progress.

The NAPLAN tests are one aspect of our school’s assessment and reporting process, they do not replace the extensive, ongoing assessments made by teachers about each students’ performance. Your child’s teacher will have the best insight into your child’s educational progress.


As a school we have reassessed our policy around parents attending assemblies. This is due to the fact that parents have been very supportive this year with adhering to our attendance requests. As from next week (week 5, 19th May) we will be allowing the following arrangements:

  • Two adults may attend if your child is receiving a merit certificate
  • Two adults may attend if your child’s class is performing/running the assembly.

We hope further easing of restrictions in the future by our Premier will lead to more parents and community members being able to attend.

National Walk Safely to School Day

National Walk Safely to School Day is on this Friday, May 14th. This program is in its 21st year and is an annual event where primary school children are encouraged to walk and commute safely to school. The WA Government are proud supporters of this program and we encourage children to walk safely to school not only on this day but every day.

Kind regards,

Josh Jashari