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As we welcome everyone back into term 4 we wish to invite everyone along to our last “official” meeting of the year. Next Tuesday 26th Oct @ 7:30pm in the staffroom. We look forward to seeing everyone there! It’s one of the last chances to see the committee in action before the end of the year and see how you might like to fit in around the table Come and see what it’s all about being that all positions are declared vacant at the AGM in Feb 2022. All executive positions will be up for grabs!

Congratulations to LA22 for taking out the top honours of the first class to have the most online profiles with 90% of the class signed as we headed back into term 4. Kindy you have until this Friday before we award yours!

To recap, student booklets headed home for our students’ major fundraiser for the year. Not only is this a special event for us as we get to have fun but it’s our way of securing much needed funds to be able to give back to school. With the past COVID years and no fundraising we’d love to be able to help again our teachers with their wishes for 2022. Sign up your profile at the link below:

Follow Kindy & Pre Primary 10th Nov run here

Follow Yr 1 – 6 12th Nov run here

Roadwise Committee

Welcome to Term 4! Where has the time gone?

Thank you to all the parents that came forward in Term 3 for Kiss n Drive. An extra special thanks to Troy Kenny as he is the 2nd dad to volunteer so far this year.

The winners for Term 3 $10 canteen vouchers are Sharon Pearl and Linda Lacatori. Well done!

In Term 4 we still have heaps of open spots on the roster. Please can Year 1-4 parents jump online and put your names down. There are only LESS than 30 spots to fill. This time we have a much wider year group and still it’s proving hard to find volunteers.

We are still observing parents letting their kids out of the cars from the middle of the road. This is both dangerous and causes unnecessary delays and frustration to other parents who are trying to do the right thing. Please refrain from this practice and use the designated Kiss n Drive or parking spots, before letting your kids out of the car.

Please remember in the afternoons children are only allowed to enter cars number 1, 2 and 3 in the Kiss n Drive bays. Car number 4 must drive right to the front of Kiss n Drive.

Drive safely everyone and don't forget to use your INDICATORS to show your intentions when exiting, entering or turning all around the school.