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Phys Ed

On the Ball …. With Mr P

Hi everybody,

Welcome back to 2021 and this year is another busy one for the Physical Education program. We hope to have a number of interschool events available to Landsdale students this term, involving interschool tennis and cricket.

This year we again have Mr Joshua Brown teaching Physical Education on Wednesdays to Fridays and he and I will teach a similar program. Mr Brown will also oversee the senior sport program on Fridays.

Please encourage children to wear appropriate footwear and a hat when attending Physical Education lessons. A water bottle at the moment would also be handy!

If your child is unable to participate in a Phys Ed lesson due to injury or illness, please communicate this to myself or your child’s classroom teacher.

Students are able to wear their faction shirts on their ‘Phys Ed’ day as well Thursdays for the year 3/4’s and Fridays for the year 5/6’s, their nominated sport days. Students can also wear their Faction t-shirt on special sporting events days in which they are competing, such as the Faction Athletics Carnival. Students can earn faction tokens for the ‘ripper recess’ at the end of the term for good behaviour and wearing their faction shirt!

Interschool activities - Term 1

Interschool events on this term will mainly involve year 5 and 6’s.

Academy Plate – tennis


Thursday 11th March


Friday 12th March

Parents assistance and transport will be required for these events.

Interschool Cricket

Thursday 4th March

Runners Club

Will commence next Monday and will run every Monday on the top oval. As the oval isn’t marked, runners will run from a starting cone, around the goal posts, to another cone and back around the opposite goal posts to the starting cone. Runners have a QR code and laps will be recorded from this. Students will receive badges for achieving certain milestones. Students can bring their existing QR Code or if lost, or new to the program can receive a new on.

Before School Tennis Coaching

Hot-Shots Tennis lessons with InStyle Tennis! Tennis lessons at school are held Wednesdays 7.45-8.30am, starting Feb 16 ($127.50/ 7 weeks). Excellent for skill progression & learning the basics of tennis, and great fun.

All ages/ levels welcome! Details at 0433 777 195. All kids enrolled receive free Hot-Shots t-shirt!

Thanks everybody,

Mr P